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The Casino VIP  started as a spare-time website. As an experienced advantage player and bonus hunter that has played at scores of different casinos, I wanted to share my experience and expertise in dealing with online casinos. Our mission is to build the most comprehensive and informative guide to online casinos in the world. Since then, I have slowly grown into one of the world's premier casino affiliate websites. We now employ a small number of freelance authors and fact-checkers, and we are proud to be respected for our honesty in our detailed analysis of online casinos. Our small team continues to work on and improve this site on a daily basis.


Disclosure about our site


So what exactly is an affiliate website?

The short answer is we earn the money needed to keep this site alive, run our rewards program, pay reviewers and freelance journalists, and fund further technical development through advertising and/or referring players to casinos. This is something that many players do not know when they visit websites that review casinos. Just about every single website that you see that recommends or advertises a casino earns affiliate revenue from a casino. Yet how many of them disclose this? Very, very few. In fact, none that we have ever seen, but we can't claim to have checked every casino affiliate site on the internet!


Isn't an affiliate site conflict of interest by its very nature?

Yes, in the wrong hands, and no, in the right hands. On the one hand, it would be better for the bottom line of this site to tell you that every casino listed here is fabulous, a paragon of customer service, and a delight to play at. Many other "review" sites do just that. On the other hand, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of loosely regulated online casinos around these days. And the truth is that the majority of them are not worth your time or money. Take one look at our casino ratings index and rogue casinos pages and you will see that we pride ourselves in telling you the truth about every casino. We tell it like it is, flaws and all. The Casino VIP is run by players, for players, first and foremost. Ultimately it is up to you to decide whether you trust us and what we are saying. We are confident that our honesty and integrity stand up to scrutiny.


What are the advantages of consulting The Casino VIP before you play?
  • Reviews and advice from players who have done it before. Not just our opinions, but feedback from players all over the world who post in our forums and on our reviews.

  • Our reviews and warnings can often save you money before you play. One of the things that give us the most joy here is receiving an email from a player thanking us for warning them about a rogue casino just before they were going to deposit their money.

  • We can often get you a better deal than going directly to the casino and playing. We are able to negotiate better bonus offers, exclusive free chips, and other promotions for players that are referred through our website.

  • Dispute intermediation and resolution. When you're stuck at the brick wall of the first line of customer support at a casino, we can often contact someone higher up in a management position to help solve your problem and get you paid.

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